Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update the information in my salon profile?
You will need to notify your distributor / account representive to update any name, address, phone or email changes.

What determines which qualification level the new salon is assigned upon enrolling?
A review of the salon’s 12-month purchasing history, inclusive of competitor’s brands, will be used to determine initial qualification level. The salon’s 1st year in the Keune Loyalty Club will be assigned at this qualification level. The salon’s qualification level in subsequent years will be based upon the prior year’s Keune purchases through their distributor.

Do all salon purchases count toward the annual purchase qualifications goal?
Professional monthly purchases include all color, lighteners, forming and back bar products.
Retail monthly purchases include all retail products in Care, Blend, Design, Man and So Pure.
Accessory items, sales tax and shipping & handling charges are excluded from monthly purchase totals.

How do I redeem my business builder fund dollars for Keune products and accessory items for my salon?
To redeem for products and accessories click here

How do I redeem for in-salon Education and/or Keune Academy tickets?
To redeem for Keune Education click here

How can a booth renter benefit from the program?
A business builder fund will begin accruing at the Membership Level at the first dollar purchased in the new 2017 KLC program. For program details click here