• Beyond the Blade

    Let the adventures in cutting begin! Razors are a fun alternative to a traditional shear and can elevate your designs to a new level. Learn to understand when, where and how to use this tool by immersing yourself in the process. If you feel like your designs have been missing a key texturizing element, the razor could be your key to success.

    In this class you’ll master:

    • Directional cutting, collapsing hair, design, texturizing and volumizing techniques
    • How to utilize the razor for different lengths, natural textures, and desired outcomes

  • Beyond the Foil

    As color trends evolve each season, so should your techniques. Traveling beyond the foil allows you to utilize creative approaches to free-hand painting and Balayage methods. Learn the advanced techniques you need to create expert placement and harmony in color. You will leave this class feeling solid in the mastery of your approach to seamless applications and one of a kind color.

    • Learn the top techniques to creating the most in-demand color
    • Discover the best ways to utilize Keune color products to get the look
    • Create your own unique style of placement

  • Blonde Out

    Learn how to create the perfect blonde on clients of all levels. There is no doubt about it, blonde is one of the most coveted shades that clients are asking for and therefore one of the most lucrative services you can offer in the salon. Blondes come in all colors: from buttery beige to icy pastels and multidimensional highlights. In this class you’ll learn everything from classic approaches to blonding to trend-driven techniques that you can use to drive sales!

    • Learn in-depth chemistry behind the color formulations to achieve each shade
    • Discover how to transform any base shade to blonde
    • Master transitional techniques with toning
    • Pick the proper products and tools to get desired outcomes

  • Color Certification

    Embrace a new level of confidence and join the elite group of Keune Certified Colorists! This pass or fail certification will take you through a comprehensive review and test you on all things Keune color. From your approach and application to skills and techniques, this class will send you home feeling accomplished from theoretical applications to real-life scenarios. Upon passing, you’ll gain a whole new level of confidence in your color skill set and join the team of leading Keune Certified Colorists Worldwide.

    During the Certification Weekend you will:

    • Participate in an application evaluation and written exam
    • Push your creative boundaries as your test your Keune color knowledge
    • Learn useful tactics that will help you in everyday real-life situations

    *Keune Foundational Color and Next Level color programs are recommended prior to Certification. Program is a pass/fail testing process

    *Saturday Night Event - reviewing the study materials sent to each attendee from 6pm - 8pm
    *Sunday/Monday 9am - 5pm

  • ColorFSTR

    If there’s one thing we’re always out of in the salon, it’s time! In this course, we will teach you fast and effective techniques to save you time (and ultimately money) in the salon. This hands-on color experience will detail exactly which Keune products to use and when. From expert foiling to free-hand painting and color application, we will give you the tools you need to invigorate your application and speed up your services!

    • Learn time-saving techniques behind the chair
    • Utilize new foil and free-hand color methods
    • Gain in-depth product knowledge

  • Creative Color

    If you feel that you have mastered your technical craft, now is the time to get creative! As hair artists, we love to push the boundaries of expression and color application is one of the most unique ways to do this. Expand your knowledge and your clientele. This class will spark inspiration in your formulations and give you a new outlook on the industry. Trends will be brought to life as you expand your color palette and manipulate the typical techniques. This ever-evolving program will influence your current formulas and applications as well as serve to expand your aptitude for developing new and unique methods, leading to new-client expansion and retention.

    • Learn how to forecast trends
    • Develop an advanced creative color application and formulation process

    *Saturday Night Event - spent with a local artist who walks the attendees through inspirations of color from 6pm - 8pm
    *Sunday/Monday 9am - 5pm

  • Creative Design

    Do you often find yourself standing behind the chair not sure where to start? Visualizing your end result is often the first step to creating a new look. In this class you will discover how to get a desired result through a combination of diverse techniques. Give yourself the tools that you need to feel creatively confident as you approach each day in the salon.

    What you can look forward to:

    • Creative approaches to developing custom styles
    • Products that you can utilize to alter finishes
    • Understanding where to start the design and complete the overall look.

  • Cut/Color Collaborative

    Looking for a fun, relatable approach to advanced hair color and design? In this specialized hands-on program, you will have the chance to collaborate with Keune’s top Colorists and Designers to focus on the art of marrying color, design and finish. You will walk away from this unique opportunity with a plethora of custom color and cut techniques that will carry you through the next few seasons in style.

    • Dive into the collaborative creative process of color and design
    • Develop an advanced creative color application and formulation process
    • Be mentored on color, design and finishing balance

    **This program will rotate between Creative Color Ambassador George Alderete and Keune Academy Trainer Dallan Flynt, Sr. Creative Ambassador Gareth Palmer will lead all design aspects of the programs

  • Texture

    Texture has never been more popular than it is now! What you’ll notice is that if a client lacks texture, they desire it. If they have it, they need to know how to manage it. This program takes you through the ins and outs of creating and maintaining textured hair behind the chair and how to best educate your clientele about home care. From cuts to color and the best ways to style and finish, this class will leave you excited to get your hands on natural texture!

    • Learn best practices for client consultations and expand your product knowledge
    • Better utilize your tools for your naturally textured clients
    • Understand the global approaches to marrying shape and tonality

  • The Collection

    Where do trends come from? Gather inspiration from street styles and runway favorites as Keune Educators help bring your vision to life. Learn how to discuss these fashion-forward styles with your clientele and master these looks for use in the salon. From cuts, to colors and finished styles Keune’s Advanced trainers will work with attendees to help them duplicate two complete looks.

    • Bridge the gap between classic trends and inspirational Avant Garde looks.

    • Learn how to create a total look by fusing together cut, color and finish.

    • Advance your creative edge with salon-usable techniques

    *Saturday Night Event - cocktails/model presentation from 6pm - 8pm
    *Sunday/Monday 9am - 5pm

  • Ultimate Color

    Obsessed with hair color? So are we! Whether you’re on the search for a winning color placement or wake up ready to push your creative boundaries on the daily, this class will give you the tools and techniques you have been looking for. You will leave inspired and upbeat about all things color as you explore in-depth philosophies with some of your favorite Keune Educators.

    • Discuss in-depth color theory and philosophy
    • Tailor color placement techniques
    • Learn to create on-trend formulas