Color Certification

Embrace a new level of confidence and join the elite group of Keune Certified Colorists! This pass or fail certification will take you through a comprehensive review and test you on all things Keune color. From your approach and application to skills and techniques, this class will send you home feeling accomplished from theoretical applications to real-life scenarios. Upon passing, you’ll gain a whole new level of confidence in your color skill set and join the team of leading Keune Certified Colorists Worldwide.

During the Certification Weekend you will:

• Participate in an application evaluation and written exam
• Push your creative boundaries as your test your Keune color knowledge
• Learn useful tactics that will help you in everyday real-life situations

*Keune Foundational Color and Next Level color programs are recommended prior to Certification. Program is a pass/fail testing process

*Saturday Night Event - reviewing the study materials sent to each attendee from 6pm - 8pm
*Sunday/Monday 9am - 5pm

Tools Needed: Weave combs
Balayage board
Color apron (optional)
Sectioning clips

Please plan your packing will have 2 mannequin heads to take home

KEUNE supplies disposable aprons, foils, color brushes and bowls, powdered medium and large gloves

Dates/Times Locations Events Prices
Sat 09/12/20
6:00 PM
Mon 09/14/20
5:00 PM
  • Keune Advanced Academy
  • 3344 Peachtree Rd., Suite 200
  • Atlanta ,GA 30326
  • (404) 816-3344
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Color Certification
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