• Blonde Out

    Buttery blondes, icy pastels, blondes come in all shades and textures. Tap into the blonde market by spending two days discovering how you can elevate your blonde business by breaking down every step of the process. From client consultations to blonde product options, find out how you can meet the needs of every client that sits in your chair.

    Blonding Techniques
    Product Options
    Building your blonde business

    Educators: Kara Kalamatas & Courtney Von Berg

  • Creative Color Lab

    Tap into your creativity and become empowered by trends and techniques in this ever evolving program. Learn how to push color formulation boundaries to create the colors your guests are asking for. This program will have you experiencing color placements and formulas with a brand new perspective.

    Creative formulation
    Creative placement
    Product options
    Trend forecasting
    Building your brand

    Educators: Amber Skryzpek & George Alderete

  • Keune X

    Collaboration: the action of working with someone to produce or create something. In this specialized hands-on workshop, you will work with Keune North America’s top designers and colorists to produce a balanced and beautiful end result. Discover advanced creative applications, techniques and skills that will help you bring this harmony of color, shape and finish to life.

    Creating overall balance
    Advanced design and color techniques
    Consultation tips
    Product recommendations
    Color formulation

    March 20-21: George Alderete & Gareth Palmer
    July 31-August 1: James Helton & Jessica Bartolucci
    October 23-24: Amber Skryzpek & Eli Mancha