Next Level

  • Next Level Color

    Ready to take your foundational Keune color knowledge to the next level? Learn how to apply the latest techniques behind the chair with ease and determination for flawless, fashion-forward results. In this inspiring two-day program, you’ll build upon the basics as you broaden your technical skills in formulation and application. By mastering multi-dimensional techniques and creating custom formulas you will not only feel confident behind the chair, but also be able to deliver the trend-driven results your clients are asking for.

    • Advance your color techniques and placement for dimensional results
    • Master block coloring and grey coverage
    • Learn about the latest color trends and how to achieve them for your clients

  • Next Level Design

    If you’re looking to go beyond the basics, this is your chance to push your design creativity to the next level! Build upon Foundational Design elements to put a personalized approach on your cutting techniques. You will learn how to hone your skills for sharp lines, form and structure through an out of the box approach to cutting and texturizing. Elevate upon the 4 foundational cuts and the finishing techniques needed to take your designs to the next level.

    • Utilize new techniques using shears, clippers, razor and texturizers
    • Push your foundational designs to new creative heights
    • Master styling tactics for a pro finish every time!