2022 Spending Parameters

For Business Builder Fund (BBF)

BBF dollars may be invested in any of the following Keune growth activities:

BBF Spending Activity Qualifying Spending Details
- Keune Branded Accessories and Tools
- Back Bar or Stylist Station Products
- Travel Size Products for Client Sampling
- Developers, Activators and Lighteners
Available at Keuneloyaltyclub.com >> Rewards
(Products cannot be resold)
Keune In-Salon Education Educator's Travel & Fees, Class Supplies
(Contact Keune Field Education Management)
Stylist Rewards Gift Cards For Sales Contesting

(Requires preauthorization email approval by Keune Business Development Manager)

Customized Keune Business Tool Templates Keune Branded Business Cards, Referral Cards, Flyers, Invitations, Print Ad
(Contact: [email protected])
Customized Keune Advertising/Social Media Keune Branded TV, Radio, Website, Digital Media, Magazine, Signage
(Contact [email protected])
Spending activities outside of those listed above are not eligible to be funded with BBF dollars.