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Ongoing Virtual Education: Salon Business Blueprint

What is it? 
SBB is an online course specifically designed for the Salon Owners and Managers who want to develop the higher-level skills required to become an effective salon leader and grow their business to its maximum potential.

Lessons you'll learn in this course:
1. Leadership Mastery - Brian Perdue shares the recipes for becoming an effective leader. 
2. Cultural Mastery - Dream, Design and Develop a thriving Culture in your business.
3. Financial Fitness - In this series, you'll learn and understand the key areas that every business owner needs to know to be Financially Fit.
4. Growth Mastery - In this series, Chris will cover the Key Indicators that every salon owner and hairstylist must know to have a sustainable and prosperous career.

*This is an ongoing virtual course.

Tools Needed: Computer with Webcam and WIFI Connection.

Tue 12/31/24
6:00 AM ET to 5:00 PM ET