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INSPO Lab: TOTAL EFFECT: CURLS with James Helton and Taylor Seegar

INSPO Lab: TOTAL EFFECT: CURLS – 1 day with James Helton and Taylor Seegar

Embark on a transformative journey exploring the fusion of cutting and coloring for curly hair during this one-day experience. Unveil the intricate relationship between the curl type and the sectioning, application methods, and more. Enhance your confidence as you unleash your creativity on the textured canvas of curly hair.

Program Highlight:
1. The Intersection of Cut and Color for Curls:
- Explore a comprehensive technique harmonizing cut and color specifically designed for curly hair.
- Discover the interplay between haircut styles and coloring methods tailored for different curl types.

2. Understanding and Addressing Curl Variations:
- Identify various curl types and learn tailored approaches for handling each texture through cut and color.
- Learn how to adopt techniques to complement and elevate the unique characteristics of different curl types.

3. Styling and Finishing Techniques
- Elevate your skills with advanced finishing and styling techniques specifically curated for curly hair.
- Discover methods to showcase and accentuate the beauty of curls, post cut and color application.

Who Should Attend:
- Hairstylists seeking to elevate their expertise in handling and enhancing curly hair.
- Salon Professionals looking to expand their repertoire and finesse their skills working with textured hair.

Hotel Recommendations: (Located 5 mins from the salon)
Courtyard by Marriott
4201 W Green Acres Rd.
Rogers, AR 72758

Embassy Suites
3303 S Pinnacle Hills Pkwy.
Rogers, AR 72758

A Loft
1103 S 52nd St.
Rogers, AR 72758

Sun 11/03/24
9:00 AM CT to 6:00 PM CT

  • Freshair Salon
  • 4305 S Pleasant Crossing Blvd #1
  • Rogers, AR 72758
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