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INSPO Lab: COLOR REIMAGINED with George Alderete

INSPO Lab: COLOR REIMAGINED – 1 day with George Alderete

Prepare for a transformative day, as we dive into the art of reimagining color. In this immersive one-day session, break away from the constraints of a busy salon schedule to explore fresh perspectives that will revolutionize your approach to color application and formulation.

Program Highlights:
1. Unleashing Creative Color Techniques:
- Delve into innovative and artistic color techniques that challenge traditional norms and spark your creative vision.
- Think outside the box as you reimagine the color techniques you currently use in the salon.

2. Personalized Formulas and Recommendations:
- Receive suggestions for crafting personalized color formulas, tailored to elevate your client experience.
- Create rhythm and harmony in your hair color creations by utilizing all Keune color has to offer.

3. Bridging Inspiration with Application:
- Learn how to translate inspiration into tangible approaches, infusing your work with newfound creativity and depth.
- Bring that inspiration to life through different color techniques and applications.

Who Should Attend:
- Colorists seeking to push the boundaries of their color applications and formulas.
- Salon Professionals eager to infuse their work with fresh, creative energy and innovative color techniques.

Hotel Recommendations: (Located 5 mins from the salon)
Courtyard by Marriott
4201 W Green Acres Rd.
Rogers, AR 72758

Embassy Suites
3303 S Pinnacle Hills Pkwy.
Rogers, AR 72758

A Loft
1103 S 52nd St.
Rogers, AR 72758

Sun 08/18/24
9:00 AM CT to 6:00 PM CT

  • Freshair Salon
  • 4305 S Pleasant Crossing Blvd #1
  • Rogers, AR 72758
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