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COLOR MASTER with Amber Skrzypek and Alicia Dixon

Join us for a two-day immersive journey dedicated to Keune Color Mastery. Tailored for color enthusiasts seeking continuous growth and development. This bootcamp is designed to push boundaries, elevate self-development, and foster inspiration and confidence in your color expertise.

Program Highlights:
1. Comprehensive Technical Insights:
- Delve into in-depth technical knowledge surrounding the color process, unlocking a deeper understanding of color application and formulation.
- Discover and discuss the “why” as we dissect product options and selections.

2. Creative and Corrective Technique Applications:
- Explore innovative techniques for both creative coloring and corrective applications, refining your craft to achieve exceptional results.

3. Confidence in Canvas Approach:
- Develop a confident approach to your canvas, enabling clear and precise execution of your envisioned color concepts.
- No matter the canvas in your chair, set yourself up for success, through approach and formulation.

Who Should Attend:
- Color enthusiasts dedicated to continuous learning and growth in the realm of color mastery.
- Salon Professionals wanting to put their technical skills to the test for personal growth.

Sun 10/13/24
9:00 AM PT
Mon 10/14/24
5:00 PM PT

  • Vegas Style Salon
  • 5715 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 103
  • Las Vegas, NV 89119
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